Adams Express AS has extensive and valuable experience with moving assignments to and from Norway. Our assignments range from small individual assignments or urgent consignments to large contracts with Norwegian or international companies. Through our own resources and our international networks we can move door to door virtually anywhere in the world. We work to extremely tight regulation, are strategic, and have an excellent reputation internationally.

We continually focus on service, quality, safety and the environment. Our comprehensive FIDI-FAIM certification is just part of this work.

The implementation of international moving assignments varies to a large extent depending on the items to be moved and the country to which they are to be moved. Transport method, rules for customs clearance, necessary forms etc. vary to a large extent. You the customer will not have to think about any of this. Adams Express AS arranges the moving process so that you or your company need not concern yourself with it. When planning the moving assignment, you will be informed of what you need to know, including the customs forms etc. to be completed.

Adams Express has acquired thorough knowledge of the agents that do the best job in particular locations around the world. Delivery capability does not just involve agent networks and price. It is equally as important to have the experience and the ability to pick out the right agents for the individual assignment. In this area we have extensive experience.

We perform a number of services within each individual moving assignment:

  • Inspection and planning of the assignment
  • Packing and packaging
  • Loading
  • Storage in transit (if required)
  • Transport
  • Delivery
  • Unpacking
  • Storage (short-term or long-term)
  • Removal insurance

Eksport- and import customs clearance is done via TVINN and TET system.

All international moving assigments for which Adams Express AS is responsible are done in accordance with NSAB Moving.

If you would like a quotation, price estimate or other information, please contact us on telephone # +47 23 01 14 50, or alternatively send an e-mail to Our qualified staff is there to answer all your questions!

Adams Express is currently a member and active participant in the follwing international moving and relocation organisations:

  • FIDI Global Alliance – International Federation of International Movers.
    • Represented in 94 countries and has more than 600 member companies.
  • IAM – International Association of Movers.
    • Represented in 166 countries and just over 1600 member companies.